head actuator

head actuator
привод (позиционер) головок [диска] - см. actuator

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  • Click of death — A standard ZIP100 disk Click of death is a term that became common in the late 1990s referring to the clicking sound in disk storage systems that signals the disk drive has failed, often catastrophically.[1] Contents …   Wikipedia

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  • Kalok — was a hard disk drive manufacturer which went bankrupt in 1994.One of their last offerings was a 100 megabyte 3.5 disk drive using a stepper motor head actuator (rather than the servo based voice coil operated actuators used on most drives of… …   Wikipedia

  • Hard disk drive — Hard drive redirects here. For other uses, see Hard drive (disambiguation). Hard disk drive Mechanical interior of a modern hard disk drive Date invented 24 December 1954 [1] …   Wikipedia

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